Water: Orchids need very little water.  Water once every two weeks and ONLY if dry to the touch. 

  • If your arrangement is mossed or difficult to take apart, just slowly pour a small amount of water around the center & sides of each orchid, use about 1/8 to 1/4 cup of water (max) per orchid.  Avoid water contact with leaves.  Or, a few ice cubes, once a week/every two weeks, can be used in a pinch.  (1-2 ice cubes per orchid).

Light: Moderate to bright indirect light is ideal. You can place blooming orchids in most locations in your home, and they will bloom beautifully for several weeks, up to a few months.

Temperature: Most orchids prefer temperatures of 65° to 85° F during the day and 60° to 65° F at night.  Avoid direct contact with air conditioning.

Fertilizing: There is no need to feed your orchids while they are blooming.  After the blooming cycle, feed once or twice a month with an appropriate fertilizer – either an all purpose orchid fertilizer, or one for your specific plant.   Always water before feeding; never fertilize a dry plant.

Dormant Orchids: When finished blooming and dormant, orchids take up to a year to re-spike and produce new buds and blossoms.  Place your orchids in strong indirect light – an east- or west- facing area (or a greenhouse).  Prune back spike to base.  Shade your orchids from the direct hot midday sun.