Orchid care tip #1…
DON’T over water your orchid!
Stick your index finger well into
the moss/bark – if moist at all,
do not water.  If dry, add (2) ice
cubes to the container
(avoiding the leaves) once a
week at most! 
(click here for more orchid care tips)

“From the first time I saw
Lane’s creations, I was hooked!
Her plant arrangements are so
beautifully crafted they truly
invite you to fill your whole
home with them. I have found
they make the perfect gift for
my clients, as they are so
professionally presented,
yet each one is unique, allowing
me to personalize my good
wishes to my clients.

I recently presented one of
Lane’s plants to friend who
commented she had never
seen such a heavenly, gorgeous
plant. Lane’s arrangements
truly adorn your home with
art like beauty.”

Marjorie T. Brown
Keller Williams Realty
Westfield , NJ